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MinerGate is an essential second layer of web3 security, providing unrestricted, business and user-centric scope of cybersecurity solutions.

On-chain Risk Scoring Protocol

MinerGatemalicious activity in the blockchain space. It utilizes external and on-chain data to provide accurate information on compromised wallets and malicious activities. MinerGate can be integrated into DEXes and DeFi protocols to prevent money laundering and enhance cybersecurity.




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Why choose MinerGate Tools

MinerGate is a modular web3 system that supports open standards, Ethereum-compatible networks, and development tools. MinerGate lets you use one module or the whole stack. MinerGate can also be used with your favorite developer tools.

Ethereum Compatibility

Building compatible systems and tools to extend the capabilities of any Ethereum / EVM compatible blockchain network

Multi-Chain Support

Support all EVM compatible chains

Easy Installation

MinerGate's tools are simple to use and install on the user's end.

Professional team

Premium tooling sites and professional operation and maintenance team.


The complete web3 stack. Set up SDK integrations, deploy smart contract, launch dApps, manage gas fees, data, and more.

MinerGate Builder

The gold standard in web3 development. Fast, easy, no-code tools to launch and manage your game.


Fetch and serve real-time item metadata, account balances, artwork, and more.

Gas Tank & Relayer

Batched and gasless transactions for efficient and seamless NFT claims and purchases.



Use our API to build applications using our platform.

Console UI

Deploy your infrastructure with our web-based console.


MinerGate's all-inclusive tool for managing your projects, API keys, as well as contract and marketplace deployments.

Mobile SDK

Equip your mobile app with web3 superpowers using the MinerGate Mobile SDK. No blockchain experience required.

Virtual machines

Deploy virtual machines on the cloud with a diverse range of machine types.

Node Gateway

The world's best node service with 99.9% uptime. Real-time and reliable access to blockchain data, ensuring accurate, up-to-date, and always available stats.


Ultra-fast private networking solution that abstracts the complexity of network configuration.

Reasons To Use

MinerGate's WEB3 Tools

Bring your infrastructure in-app

Many web3 wallets and infrastructure work only on browser. But the MinerGate Mobile SDK ensures your stack is natively supported in your app.

Built for where your users go

Whether your app is mobile only or available across platforms like PC and console, the MinerGate's tools ensures a seamless experience for your users.

Grow, retain, and monetize your players

Delight your players with tradable items, unique rewards, and player-driven economies to drive engagement, retention, and monetization.

why asimov

Reinforce your

protocol security

MinerGate offers on-chain fail-safes for your token contracts and mitigation tools, in addition to providing real-time monitoring of all of your mission-critical contracts.

Seamless ERC20 standard integration

Automated real-time freezing of suspicious transactions

Efficient and evidence-based resolution mechanism

Timely recovery of stolen funds

Fees only charged on prevented financial loss

Advanced exploit identification and mitigation tools


Manage all your MGT tokens and credits in one place with the MGT dashboard.

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